KEBAHAGIAAN bukanlah suatu noktah...tetapi suatu proses hidup yang sentiasa berterusan...
Maka, nikmatilah sepenuhnya sementara ia hadir...

Stay FOCUSED on the game, never look back, never feel the pain, coz you're the pain! -TITANS 0004

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pathological Bliss

Pathological Bliss

In the pouring rain,
She stood there,
While others,
are rushing in

Her face muscle
Kindly drew
a blithesome smile
in the pouring rain
when others
were cradled in their cribs

And she danced
and she laughed
and no one cared

Because she saw
what no one else did
In the pouring rain
when the angels
were pulling the rainbow
across the sky

Written by,
Yours truly


Dearest Izzah,

SPM trial is just around the corner.
So thought I’d drop this letter to wish you all the best. Keep your head up when life gets you down. After all, life is an uphill struggle. If ever you have moments when you doubt yourself, I want you to remember that I believe in you (even though you don’t know me). Cheering you on because I know what a special person you are. I wish you luck and happiness today and every day.

A friend,



Back in 2004...
A letter that i got from someone, namely "anonymous"
and i don't know who...
Seriously, really wanted to know who's the person..
If you're the one, plzzz plzzz plzzzz, do let me know.. =)