KEBAHAGIAAN bukanlah suatu noktah...tetapi suatu proses hidup yang sentiasa berterusan...
Maka, nikmatilah sepenuhnya sementara ia hadir...

Stay FOCUSED on the game, never look back, never feel the pain, coz you're the pain! -TITANS 0004

Thursday, August 08, 2013

The COOLEST friend ever! =)


Yeahhh..i know its been a long time since i wrote the last post. Nothing much to write since my work-life doesn't allow me to do so..busy jer memanjang...pegi keje,balik keje, pegi keje, balik keje..then, continue the same things again and again...such a bored life lately...hahhahah...

But somehow, I met this one coolest person few months back during my working life, and he really really really make my day! =)

So, bersempena his birthday on the 8th August and together with Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration, i just want to write something here, about the coolest friend of mine, in this blog.. ;)

Hmmm...where to start?

It started with a new system that was being introduce in my working place. I was actually doesn't really remembered how i can become so close with him, but he did. He said that i scolded him because he didn't understand what i want and i always staying back late night to finish up all my works.. When he told me that story, i was just like "Ehhh, serious I marah U? Hahhahahhah.." and the story continues...

Don't want to membebel panjang-panjang, so, here it goes...

Since today is his birthday, i just want him to know that i really RESPECT + ADMIRE him sooo much! For me, he is so super duper HEBAT in his own way...seriously, i do believe that he can survive and become a great successful person wherever he goes..sgtlah friendly, suka membebel mengarut-ngarut, and a nice person..seorang yang suka sangat-sangat dan teramat sangat makan satayyy, quite sensitive and sangatlaaa poyo...apart from that, he is actually a good advisor, a great consultant, so sabar dalam melayan karenah orang-orang sekeliling, seorang yang giler-giler, and he always make me smile when i was so stress with all my workloads..i can say whatever that i wanted to say and that makes me feel so comfortable to chat with him, say it about life, works, personal, family, interviews, food, sports and anything that I feel like talking about...nak gelak ketawa,nak nanges- he will always be there..and seriously, i can say that he is the COOLEST friend that i've ever had...

To my COOLEST friend ever  - Mohd Sharain Bin Mohd Shahrudin a.k.a Sharain Shahrudin a.k.a Sharain a.k.a Shen a.k.a tiggeRain.. i wrote this entry especially for you. and also to remind myself yang sebenarnya izzah mempunyai seorang sahabat yang sangat HEBAT yang bernama Sharain..i am really really glad, bersyukur sangat2 and thankful to Him that our path crossed..i feel so honored + bertuah that i've given a chance to know and be friend with you..You have taught me a lot of things..One day, we may lost contact, we may go to separate ways..and I may forget that i've once be so close with you...but today, i just want to wish you:

and above all that, Izzah sentiasa mendoakan semoga Sharain:
- sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki
- diberkati umur
- dipermudahkan segala urusan di dunia & akhirat..
- berjaya dunia akhirat..
- diberkati & diredhai dalam setiap perbuatan & pekerjaan..
- all the best in your future undertakings!
- cepat2 kahwin (but jangan sekali-kali lupa jemput izzah) and have your own child!
- stay YOU..
- so sorry if i've ever hurt you in any ways...
- thank you sooo much for being such a great friend ever and for making me smile!
- and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..mintak ampun, mintak maaf zahir & batin, physical & mental for all my wrongdoings..halalkan makan minum, and 0-0! =)

p/s: feeling soo hepi dapat cuti panjang sempena hari raya! =)