KEBAHAGIAAN bukanlah suatu noktah...tetapi suatu proses hidup yang sentiasa berterusan...
Maka, nikmatilah sepenuhnya sementara ia hadir...

Stay FOCUSED on the game, never look back, never feel the pain, coz you're the pain! -TITANS 0004

Friday, June 26, 2009



Waaaa!!!! :((

Last week izzah nyer TM Visitor Pass hilang.. dahlaa hari tuh balik lambat...then, tanya kat kaunter, they ask me to lodge a police report, after that kena buat bayaran plaks kat TMPoint.. huh!

Then, semalam plaks, izzah nyer phone hilang!!! dahlaa dengan emosi xstabil, mmg x arrr kan tahap kesabaran tuh... so, smalam, lepas buat operasi menggeledah satu rumah + kereta, xjumpa2 jgk..tros call celcom center untuk block the number...pastu ape lagi, habis mengamuk + menangis sampai tertido...
Huhhh!! phone yg hilang is phone yang guna no, sape2 yang ada nombor izzah yang tuh, sori kalo xdapat nak kontek izzah.. xtau biler nak amek sim card baru..


p/s: byk belajar tentang metro-e, ipvpn, tmdirect, etc... seronok! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

MMU Orientation Programme June intake 2009/2010


Hmm..just want to update a quick entry on the orientation week 2009/2010...
It was awesome.. seriously.. :)

This is my 6th time joining the OC (including January/ February and June intake) and this is my 3rd time being a Discipline Master (DM). As for me, being a DM is not an easy task. But with the support n full cooperation of all the OCs and freshies, I have turn up to be the "worst" DM ever at that time.. sorry guys n girls (esp the girls freshies)...

Working together with six other DMs were very wonderful. Saiful, Jiun, Ragu, Raymond, Keat Yee, n Nithiyaa - there are all great people that i know for the DM's jobs. Really thanks to Jiun for the DMs part during the orientation week.

Special thanks to SAIFUL that really helps me n teach me A LOT during the orientation, especially related to the muslims freshies. At first, for me, i can see him as a combination of Taufik n Chap (my previous DM partners), but later on, when i work with him, he has his very own way that i really respect! Really thanks to him for that!!!

One more thing, i'm interested to share with u guys of what i felt. Just clicks on ain shari blog for that.. Her entry - "Orientation Committee 09/10" - really touch me a lot n i have no doubt for that entry...that was all our experiences related to the OCs that i'll never forget.. thanks ain!!

To all the freshies for June intake 2009/2010: For me, I can say that all the freshies for this year's orientation are very awesome. You guys are great n i'm happy to have all of you as my freshies.

Last but not least, thanks to all the Orientation Committees (OC) for all your support and cooperation. Thanks for being my frenz..

Special thanks to MIMIE during the OC's binding camp..
Special thanks to AIN SHARI for the surau session..
VERY Special thanks to AIN ISMAIL n EROL who were always be there fo me during the orientation programme.

Really appreciate all of u!!!

p/s: sorry.. this time, i dun have pictures..:(

Thursday, June 18, 2009

silent... :D


Sorry for the looooooooooooooooooooong silent...:D

after exam, tros start the binding camp for all the OCs..
then, orientation programme 2009/2010..
after that, terus going for my internship at menara tm..
theres no internet connection in my home..
and i'm too lazy to go to the cybercafe...:P

thats the reasons why this blog is not updated...:P

just follow the flow first..

p/s: miss all the OCs and the OCs times...:)