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Maka, nikmatilah sepenuhnya sementara ia hadir...

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

AZMINA dearie ;)


I still remember the first time i met was during usrah in Melaka..our foundation year in Melaka..that time was a combination usrah between bdt bureau and academic bureau (erkkk,i think so.. :P)..the first time we had our ta'aruf, kak ecah said that she always confused between me and her..she said that our face are looks alike..and from at that moment of time, people said that we are TWIN!!! :)
i'm not really sure how we can become sooo close..but yet, i will always find a moment to be with her..

i admire her damn much...she was soo a kind-hearted person that i've ever known..i never saw her got angry..she was soo polite, pandai pulak tuh..1st class student..popular..admired by so many people..hebat..basically, semua yang hebat2 laaa...and YES, i envy her!!! coz i know that i can't be a great person like her... :)

From every function that we attended, i will always tried to find an opportunity to be with her..or at least took a photo together with her... :)

i know that i'm nobody to her...i'm not sure if she considered me as her good friend..but one thing that i can be so sure, for me, she has a great place in my heart..she's in the list of my BEST friend ever..i will always treasure all the moments that we had together..i'm really glad that our path crossed!

The moment i know that you are getting married, i felt extremely happy...i want to be with you on your big day..and i'm so grateful that He chose me to be there with you on your big day...i felt so happy been there in Terengganu...and being part of your family..

To WAN NURUL AZMINA BINTI WAN AZMI, thanks for being a great friend to me..thank you for all the tremendous moments...thank you for accepting me as part of your family..really thanks to your mum for all the moments and for the care that she shows..may the happiness will always be with you..CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding!! i will always pray for you..

MINA...i just want you to know that i love you soo much...n will always remain love you..forever n ever.. :)

p/s: Love your mum too!!!send my regards to her... and, can i call her mama, also??? :)

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