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Monday, July 07, 2008

MMU Awards 2008


on the 5th july 2008, me n shaza went together to the MMU Awards 2008 that was held at Dewan Sri Negeri, Melaka.
hmm..what is MMU Awards? MMU Awards is an event which is organized to give awards to the deserving clubs, societies as well as individuals which had achieved excellent performance with high talent, discipline, hard work throughout the process of handling the event. This is to recognize their contribution towards the university.

hmm...i got a VIP seat for the nite...:P heheh..(jgn jeles..). It was an appreciation for the ex-committees of the mmu awards..this is the invitation card that i got:
hmm..all in all..i can give 4 stars for this year's mmu awards..congratz to all the committees!! Here are some pictures that i would like to share...;)

with the director of MMU Awards 2008, abg aizam..:)

with the person who incharge of MMU Awards 2008 for the cyberjaya campus, chap..:D

with shaza, my partner that nite..:P

ngan anis sayang..sian,,penat anis mlm tuh kene jadi emcee back stage..:P

with my dearie kakak kembar of the nominees untuk Emerging Leader of the Year tuh...hebat2..bilerlaa izzah nk jadi cam mina ek??;)

with rashid yang sentiasa diingati...:)

with my kak fakiha yg sentiasa comey...;)

erkk..actually nk tangkap gambar ngan sir hazimin n amir jerk..yg laen tu menyibuks..heheh..:D
sori ek "awak" sir..jgn marah izzah tangkap gambar ngan sir...:P


azmina said...

izzah, nk jd adik kembar. tamo kakak kembar.. :P haha..

nyway, thanks for everything izzah~ heart u! :D

p/s: kamu lg hebat dr saya. :)

izzahmeor said...


mina adik kembar satu saat...:P

p/s: mina mmg hebat doubt at all!!!

Muhammad Hazimin Wahab said...

Izzah...sesuka hati jer "awak" yer..... hai...

izzahmeor said...


suka hati "awak"laa nk ckp ape..:P

Anonymous said...

rasyid n anis.. rasyid tetap comel.. anis cam da kurus erk?